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AI Middleware
From idea to concept to production faster and with less risk using our
accelerated vision pipeline and state of the art models for embedded vision applications.

EdgeFirst Vision Resources

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DeepView Support

To access additional information around our DeepView Zoo's, DeepView VisionPack, DeepView ModelPack, Demo Applications and to submit a support ticket please click the link below.

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DeepView Dataset Zoo

The ModelPack Dataset Zoo provides various example datasets which can be opened directly into eIQ Portal to train a ModelPack model.  Each dataset also provides pre-trained models which can be used directly by VisionPack and full checkpoints to evaluate results in eIQ Portal without the need to re-train.

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DeepView Vision Application Zoo

A collection of EdgeFirst vision applications demos powered by our DeepView VisionPack and DeepView ModelPack.

Real-world, easy to run examples you can perform at home or in the office.

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Video Library

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Blogs | Whitepapers | Use Cases

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Business Plan

Why Au-Zone

Smarter devices. Reduced risk. Increased value. Commercial Support.


These are just some of the benefits that you can achieve working with Au-Zone Technologies. With more than a decade of experience helping our customers with their embedded computer vision solutions, we deliver DeepView AI Middleware to support your embedded vision application and help you quickly and confidently go from idea to concept to production.

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How We Help

We combine our DeepView AI Middleware with our embedded computer vision expertise to solve your biggest design challenges and meet the rigorous requirements of your intelligent vision project. Whether you need turn-key vision applications, high-performance machine learning models, model optimization tools, or a fine-tuned embedded vision pipeline, we have you covered.

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How You Succeed

Au-Zone’s production-ready AI Middleware and AI Vision Starter Kits will help you minimize your risks, reduce costs, and accelerate development of your proof of concept or final product.  DeepView application pack, model pack, development pack, and vision pack are compatible with and optimized for NXP's eIQ Toolkit and application processors including the i.MX8 Applications Processor (Arm Cortex-A, GPU, and Neural Processing Unit) and the i.MX RT Crossover MCU product families (Arm Cortex-M7).

What is DeepView™ AI Middleware?

DeepView™ AI Middleware is a family of embedded AI software products that help you design, train, evaluate, and deploy leading-edge machine learning vision applications. ​Use DeepView AI Middleware directly with the Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) or Data (BYOD) development workflows of NXP's eIQ Toolkit or use it in your own model development environment to quickly evaluate and productize ML solutions to meet the challenges of your intelligent embedded vision application.

DeepViewRT™ Engine is a production-ready inference engine that is deployable on most embedded processor architectures including many of NXP’s product families: i.MX 8, i.MX 7, i.MX 6, and i.MX RT.  The engine performance is optimized for ML workloads on each compute core and SoC, whether it be MCU, CPU, GPU, or NPU.

When combined, the DeepView AI Middleware suite provides developers with a safe and commercially supported alternative to quickly achieve optimal performance, take control software lifecycle management issues and reduce or avoid the most common embedded AI/ML project risks.  Some examples of these risks include issues related to backwards compatibility, unplanned updates, IP Provenance & licensing liabilities which are often overlooked with public models, public datasets and Open Source Software alternatives.


At Au-Zone, we are always trying to bring you quality useful information and real-world use case examples to show you how our DeepView Middleware and DeepView Starter kits can help you in your AI journey.

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EdgeFirst AI Middleware for your embedded vision applications. 

Founded in 2001 as a pioneer in the embedded computer vision domain, the company has become a leading provider of AI and Machine Learning software solutions for IoT edge devices.

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