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Best In Class Performance

The DeepView SAS Enterprise inference engine provides developers with the freedom to deploy ML models to a broad selection of embedded devices and compute architectures without sacrificing performance.

DeepView SAS Enterprise works seamlessly with the ML frameworks and hardware you already use



When we say best in class we mean it. 


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Why DeepView SAS Enterprise

Real Data.
Real Time. Real Money.

DeepView SAS Enterprise has been highly optimized for runtime size and performance across a long list of the most popular embedded processors, architectures and standard x86 class devices - this means you can run public, customer and proprietary ML models anywhere the DeepViewRT engine is supported.

Deployment Ready

DeepView SAS Enterprise has been tested, proven and documented to ensure it works across all supported platforms

Life Cycle Management

Lifecycle management for stability, longevity and backwards compatibility to give you piece of mind.

Top Tier Support

At Au-Zone, We offer professional support if you need any help setting up, optimization or customizing seperate ML operators

Examples and Tutorials

DeepView SAS Enterprise comes with numerous examples and tutorials to save you time getting started

Ease of Use

DeepView SAS Enterprise will help you minimize development risks, reduce costs, and accelerate development of your proof of concept or final product. 

  • Smarter Devices

  • Safer Environments

  • Increased Product Risk

  • Automatic Data Optimizations

Save Time. Reduce Risk. Lower Costs. 

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