Raspberry Pi Developer Program

The goal of the DeepView on Pi program is to provide students, data scientists and embedded developers with a vehicle to explore the possibilities of embedded Machine Learning, ideas and models on an inexpensive, accessible embedded hardware platform.

By taking advantage of the program, developers are able to immediately try the existing ML tutorials and demos provided with the license, and then build on them or create their own. 

The platform supports the download of  existing public models such as MobileNet, or the deployment of proprietary for evaluation and test.  This capability allows users to focus on the data science problems while providing a very effective method for evaluating performance on embedded hardware.  This creates a vehicle for exploring general embedded ML ideas, user features and allows for rapid evaluation new ideas, creation of compelling PoC's and MVP's for commercial applications.

The highly optimized DeepView inference engine delivers higher performance results than open source alternatives with a smaller runtime footprint.   This reduces the effort to target to embedded platforms as custom code and manual optimizations are not required.

If you are interested, please register below.  The link will take you to the DeepView online support platform where you can register to receive your license, ask questions and explore the capabilities of DeepView on Pi. 


Have fun!

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