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Flexible Solutions for Teams of All Sizes

Powerful & Easy to Use SDK for NPU, GPU, CPU & MCU
Evaluation Trial
1 Device Deployment per Seat
30 Day Free Trial
DeepView AI Middleware

5 Device Deployments per Seat
Bulk Device Deployment Available
As low as $1/device for high volume
What's Included: 
  • BYOM (Bring Your Own Model)

  • Face Detection

  • Head Pose Estimation

  • Body Pose Estimation

  • People Detection

  • Safety Gear

  • Vehicles Detection

Ready To Use Models
  • Desktop

  • Maivin

  • 3rd Party NXP Boards

  • Raspberry Pi

  • C/Python API

  • Gstreamer Plugin

  • VAAL + VSL

  • eIQ Portal

  • DeepView Creator

  • Helpdesk

  • Knowledge Based Articles

Professional Model Services

The DeepView ModelPack provides a state-of-the-art detection model highly optimized for the NPU, which can be trained using customer datasets either through the eIQ Portal or integrated into the customer’s existing training pipeline.
DeepView ModelPack
for Custom Datasets
One Time Fee per Product
Optional Support & Maintenance After First Year
 Model Porting

Additional Fees for Models
Outside of Requirements.​

Free quote is available for models not covered by requirements.
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