Premium Models

If you find yourself short on engineering resources or have an embedded computer vision problem you need help solving, Au-Zone provides engineering Design Services to deliver advanced models to use in the tool for your specific tasks.  Advanced models can include specialty plugins for DeepView to enable customer’s specific machine learning needs.

Advanced Datasets

Coming next year to DeepView are advanced dataset tooling options to support HDR (High Dynamic Range) image sensors and video formats.  Train models to intelligently support the full dynamic range of your embedded camera or Au-Zone’s IoT Vision Sensor Solutions and greatly enhane low light performnace and support for learning video sequences.

Model Optimization

The model optimizer helps you fine-tune the model for the desired target platform and the inference engine.  DeepViewRT provides best-in-class performance and support across all MCU, CPU, GPU, NPU devices, but our tooling is also capable of optimizing for and targeting TensorFlow Lite, ARM NN, GLOW, and the ONNX Runtime.

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