Deploying Visual Intelligence at the edge just got a whole lot easier....

IoT Vision Sensor | Micro

This AI enabled camera development kit is powered by NXP's i.MX RT Crossover Series of MCU's and will help you quickly evaluate edge based vision use cases, accelerate prototype development & quickly transition into production. 

The kit comes ready to go with compact camera hardware (HDR sensor, interchangeable lens in 2 stacking configurations).  The  DeepViewML Toolkit and DeepViewRT ML Engine enable developers to quickly create custom solutions to meet your demanding visual intelligence product needs. 

No matter if you're tracking people in dynamic spaces, following moving objects, developing an advanced inventory management system or implementing novel industrial automation - the critical challenge everyone faces is how to get the idea to market fast? 

Wired communications.

Compact Format

25mm(w) x 35mm(h) x 20mm(d)

Cellular (NB IoT / LTE-M) comms.

 Cubed Format

30mm(w) x 30mm(h) x 38mm(d)

24 mm dia.

Example Applications
Smart Building
Smart Homes

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