DeepView Pro

Advanced Features

DeepView Pro is a collection of advanced ML dev tool features, field tested Runtime middleware and production ready IoT Sensor Designs.  These features and design elements will help you save time and money on your development program and avoid costly mistakes.

If you have already started using DeepView ML Development Suite or one of our IoT Starter kits, you can easily upgrade to the Pro level to get access to the features and software below.

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Advanced Development Suite Features


Model Wizard

While DeepView today ships with support for building classification and detection models, we are extending the tool for additional machine learning tasks such as skeletal / pose reporting as well as action/gesture recognition through our video extensions.

Model Insights

This feature provides developers with a deeper understanding of which features and characteristics the ML models decisions are based on, allowing for better insights into behaviour and performance optimization opportunities.  DeepView will soon provide the Model Insights tool to extend the capabilities of the validator to explain precisely how and why a particular decision was made.

Runtime Middleware


Video Pipeline

The video pipeline is a critical part of vision based ML and DeepView Pro provides a rich collection of runtime components for the video pipeline.  With a focus on zero-copy and leveraging all the available hardware components of the processor.​

Image Sensor  Drivers

Production grade image sensor drivers are available which fully enable and expose the available features.  Integration is available for Video4Linux2, DeepView Camera API for MCU, or we can provide ports to custom OS/RTOS.

IoT Sensor Components | micro edition


Application Source Code

The IoT Vision Sensor application source code enables developers to customize the complete application to meet their specific requirements.  Combined with the full reference design files this significantly reduces the time to market for embedded vision and machine learning solutions at the edge.

The source code is packaged as a project supporting MCUXpresso, Keil MDK, and IAR Embedded Workbench.  The project is configurable through CMSIS-Pack allowing the developer to easily switch components such as the preferred RTOS, networking stack, and supported camera sensors.

IoT Sensor Vision Primitives

The DeepView Vision SDK provides developers with a common set of vision primitives, similar to OpenCV, which have been optimized for the Cortex-M7 architecture used in the Vision Sensor micro edition.

The core of the Vision SDK is an optimized OpenVX implementation and offers easy to use components for a number of vision problems.

Hardware Design Files

Get a head start on your custom design, or borrow proven design elements to incorporate into your own custom design. 


Included with DeepView Premium are the complete electrical hardware design and fabrication files as well as unencumbered rights to use as a reference design to build your own custom products.

Mechanical Design Files

A full set of custom enclosure design files are available to accelerate modifications.  These include full 3D models of the electrical components to ensure a proper fit and function, accelerating time to market for  your custom product.  Design files in STEP format, and Fusion 360 archive format.

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