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Contract Design and Turnkey Product development

Au-Zone’s engineering design and turnkey product development services help clients reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market with embedded Computer Vision and novel ML features for edge and IoT devices.

For over a decade, industry leaders have turned to Au-Zone for their most challenging computer vision projects.  The transition from the cloud to edge-based intelligence has increased product and software development complexities requiring an array of new engineering skill sets.  This is where Au-Zone comes in.  With Au-Zone you will get a highly customized engagement covering your entire spectrum of computer vision and machine learning requirements.  We engineer edge devices with intelligent computer vision features to eliminate project risk and accelerate your time-to-market so you can start developing new business models for your innovative products. 

Au-Zone is unique, as our engineering expertise is augmented with industry leading ML software solutions including DeepViewML Toolkit, DeepViewRT inference engine, and IoT Vision Sensor Solutions and Starter Kits to help reduce risk and accelerate design time. 

Common Engagements:

Feasibility Studies

Technology feasibility and cost analysis for Intelligent Computer Vision features and IoT / Edge Devices

Detailed custom project assessment analyzing camera sensors, video performance requirements, image processing algorithms, ML models, device requirements, and BOM costs to eliminate project risk

Video Pipeline Optimization 

Computer vision optimization from the camera sensor through image processing and ML inference integration to meet system requirements for object detection, classification, and tracking.  


Custom Computer Vision / Machine Learning solutions

Model selection, turning and optimization to maximize inference performance and model accuracy while minimizing memory and power requirements on MCUs, MPUs, GPUs, and NPUs.


Turnkey Product Development

From design concept, to proof-of-concept, and product development, Au-Zone delivers production ready solutions for your most challenging computer vision IoT and edge device.  Turnkey product development - Vision pipeline, hardware, optics, industrial/mechanical design

Example Projects:​


Custom RNN enablement and acceleration on embedded GPU


Industry 4.0 Machine Vision solution for quality assurance and logistics


Facial recognition for  device personalization and feature access


Customer checkout tracking and analytics


Food classification for intelligent kitchen appliance


Gesture recognition solution for game controller input


Traffic Sign Recognition Proof of Concept


Wearable camera for

1st repsonders



Multidisciplinary consultants ready to collaborate directly with your team


product design

Independent Design House helping clients turn concepts into reality




Ecosystem partner providing ML Tools, IP and Solutions 

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